Eastside Tutors, Inc. 

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Our Vision

To decrease crime and violence in the urban area, and restore a voice to the community by teaching our youth alternative methods of resolving conflict and becoming involved with community leaders. By engaging students in after school tutoring, their academic performances will increase, resulting in greater self-confidence and self-esteem, in turn, enabling these students to continue striving for excellence throughout all aspects of their lives. 

East Side Tutors, Inc. was  strategically started in the heart of Indianapolis' east side community, an area known for high levels of crime and violence. Our zip code area, 46218, has been labeled and targeted, as a prominent "high-need" area for law enforcement and community activists to work together in finding solutions for our at-risk youth.

By providing a neighborhood community center, in which students of all school ages, are welcome to explore various avenues of mentoring, emphasizing the importance of positive reinforcement. East Side Tutors fills an area otherwise void to many of these students, instilling in them the values of academic achievement. 

East Side Tutors, Inc. is committed to helping and enabling inner city youth, who unfortunately have not been a priority in society for far too long. We intend to reach areas of the urban Indianapolis community, who are consistently overlooked because of socioeconomic status, availing them of the same resources and tools offered to the youth around them in more affluent social and economic neighborhoods, in turn giving these students the same opportunities to succeed in life. 

"Education Equals Empowerment"

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